Essential tips for beginners learning Hindustani vocals online

Essential tips for beginners learning Hindustani vocals online

Since the pandemic, online learning has grown exponentially and become a part of our lives today. Be it an MBA or a hobby skill, online learning is offering a convenient way to acquire new skills, transcending the geographical boundaries.

If you are interested in learning Hindustani vocals online then this blogpost is sure to help you. Here we are providing an in-depth guide covering all important aspects of successful online vocal lessons for Hindustani music. Read on to know more.

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Selecting the Right Online Vocal Course

Start by selecting an appropriate vocal course based on your current level and personal goals. Plan ahead and perform a thorough research before zeroing on a platform. Start by visiting multiple online platforms that offer courses in performing arts. Check their course levels and modules. Look for platforms that offer structured courses, experienced instructors, interactive lessons and a supportive community. Don’t forget to examine the credentials and experience of the music teachers. It is crucial to select the right teacher as they will create a strong foundation for your learning journey.

Read reviews and seek recommendations from those who have attended online vocal classes. Assess whether you prefer group or solo lessons, and consider trying free trial lessons before making a final decision.

Furthermore, consider whether you prefer live or recorded lessons. If you are an absolute beginner, live lessons might be the best option for you. Check the cost, access, course duration and other details to ensure you make the right choice for your Hindustani vocals online learning.

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Create a Proper Environment at Home for Learning (maintain privacy, setting up technology etc.)

As the next step, focus on creating a proper learning environment and set a designated quiet space with privacy for your learning. This helps in minimizing distractions and maximizing your learning outcome with each lesson.

Moving forward, your technological setup is another crucial aspect for successful online vocal learning. Ensure you have a good internet connection, a reliable device, and quality headphones for an optimal learning experience. If possible, use a large-screen device for your online lesson. A larger screen device can help your teacher observe your body posture properly and help in making needed corrections promptly.

Establishing a Practice Routine

Setting a consistent practice routine is another vital aspect of successful online learning. To make this possible, allocate at least two hours daily for your “Riyaz” or practice. With online learning, you might need to make some adjustments, but this mode of learning has the additional advantage of recording lessons. You can watch and rewatch recorded lessons to identify your mistakes, and your teacher can provide better guidance by reviewing these recordings.

Choosing the Right Platform

Last but not least, it is important to choose the right learning platform to make your learning experience enjoyable. Explore different online platforms such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, and FaceTime. Each has its unique features and limitations. Thus, try to explore different options before settling on the one that suits your needs. It is always better to choose a dedicated platform as that will be attuned to the needs of learning Hindustani vocals online. Eg: WhatsApp might not give you the same audio quality that a video learning platform can provide.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

● Not treating the online music lessons with the same seriousness as in-person classes. Dress appropriately and prepare mentally for each session.

● Keep a proactive approach, Always check your internet connection, device functionality and headphones before every class to avoid disruptions.

● Do not forget to Warm-up before vocal practice and cool down afterwards to prevent strain and injury.


In conclusion, online classes can be an excellent option to learn Hindustani vocals. It offers increased flexibility and convenience in selecting teachers from all across the world. The best part, it is more cost-effective than traditional in-person classes. If you are looking for online classes for learning Hindustani vocals, then please visit our website. We offer diverse music lessons for people of all ages, at an affordable rate.


Q. 1 Is online learning suitable for beginners?

A. 1 Yes, online learning is highly suitable for beginners. It offers flexibility and accessibility, and allows you to start your Hindustani classical vocal learning journey from the comfort of your home.

Q. 2 How can I choose the best teacher for my online vocal lessons?

A. 2 Consider the teacher’s credentials, experience, and teaching style. Read reviews, attend trial lessons, and choose someone whose approach aligns with your learning preferences.

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